This week we went to TSA which stands for Technology Student Association in Altoona, Iowa. We stayed at Adventureland Inn.  This year at TSA I participated in Flight Challenge, Dragster Design, and Chapter Team.

Flight Challenge is when you build a plane out of balsa wood and you launch it off of a launcher and you want it to stay in the air the longest. I placed 2nd in this event.

Dragster Design is when you build a race car out of wood and you race it down a track and whosoever is the fastest wins. I placed 3rd in this event.

Chapter Team is a group of 6 people which is Sergeant at arms, Reporter, President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice President. I am the Treasurer. SO all of us go into a room and have a meeting. We placed 2nd in this event.

Those were the events I was in. I was able to place in all three of the events I was in. Our middle school team got first overall in TSA.

Our JH Chapter Team


Genius Hour March

During Genius Hour Cooper, Brian, and I made a movie shooting tricks shots in our school’s gyms. We shot many different shots all around the gym and we also used many different balls like a basketball, volleyball, and a skyball. Some of the shots took a while to get right, but we kept trying and we eventually got it right. This was one of the funniest Genius Hours I have done. Click here to watch video.


I also helped make a NASCAR Video with Cooper, Deven, and Joey.

Philip Gans

Philip Gans is a survivor for the Holocaust. The Holocaust was when people were treating Jews very badly. They would also put a bunch of people into a chamber and gassed them. Philip Gans speech was very interesting I learned many things about his life. He went through a bunch of terrible things.


In religion class we had to choose a verse where Jesus was talking on what really matters. After we found our verse we had to draw a picture of what was going on. My verse was, Then Jesus approached them and said to them “All power in heaven and earth has been given to me. Go therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.” http://www.usccb.org/bible/matthew/28 This is the time of Jesus’ life after he Resurrected from the dead and when he was Commissioning the Disciples to go out and tell the gospel. This verse means a lot to me because this is when Jesus Resurrected. It is important to me because this is when the disciples starting preaching about the gospel.

My Meditation-

Dear God,

Please help everyone talk about the gospel like Jesus and his disciples did. Help everyone understand this Bible verse.



Genius Hour

For our latest Genius Hour I flew and tried different ideas for my balsa wood airplane. I also flew my airplane at different angles to see what one was better. I did this with Cooper and Brian. We also made a cardboard runway we launch them off. I had lots of fun this Genius Hour.


Dustin’s Plane


For Genius Hour Brian, Deven, and I worked with a Lego Minestorms NXT. We made it do many things one things was we made it pull around a Lego dog then it reeled it in. I learned many things doing this Genius Hour project and I had lots of fun.

Lego Minestorms NXT


For another one of my Genius Hours CooperDeven, and I created a movie with RC cars. We used Imovie and Action Movie Effects. This was a really fun Genius Hour. RC Chase


Today during school we played bingo with elderly people. We had prizes for the winners and we played for about an hour. We also had donuts and coffee for them. We had this bingo day because we needed to appreciate and thank the elderly people. We came up with this idea when we found out we needed to do something for the elderly for our First Lego League (FLL).

We had lots of fun playing with the elderly people. I think they really enjoyed it.

John and Dustin

The Microchip Theft

Genius Hour is a time when we are allowed to learn whatever we want. Genius Hour is important because we get to learn things we want to and not what we don’t. If I were to give advice to new genius hour students and teachers, I would say to try and explore new things and just have fun. For my last Genius Hour I created a video with Thomas, Cooper, and Jared it was called The Microchip Theft. During Genius Hour I learned how to blur out something on imovie, how to add multiple effects on imovie and how to use special effects on action movie and get them on imovie.


This week in the NFL the Minnesota Vikings beat the St. Louis Rams 33-22. The Minnesota Vikings are 8-6. They are second in their division. The Packers are in first place with a record of 10-4. The Vikings have two games left in their regular season schedule. They play the Houston Texans this week and the Green Bay Packers the following week. Right now the Vikings are the sixth seed in the NFC so they have a Wild Card spot. Here is a link to the Minnesota Vikings website.


taken by Tiger Girl