Inspiring story about Tim Tebow

Dear Tim Tebow,

I’m a 7th graderĀ and I live in a small town in Northwest Iowa.

I really like how you help someone before and after a game. I didn’t know you did all this nice stuff to people until I read an article about you. The people who you have helped will probably never forget the experience you gave them. You have inspired me and probably a lot of other people to keep trying and never give up. Thanks, Tim Tebow.

I’m a big fan of yours. I like watching you on TV with all those 4th quarter comebacks. I see you on Sports Center while they talk about your games.


Here is a link to read Tim Tebow’s inspiring story.

4 thoughts on “Inspiring story about Tim Tebow”

  1. Dustin,
    I really like the way you shared what you thought about Tim Tebow. It helps us get to know you and what you think of Tebow. I’m glad you liked the article; I told Mrs. Busch that I thought you guys would enjoy reading it.

    I can relate because I didn’t realize he did all those things for people before and after the game. I bet Tim doesn’t even talk about it much. He probably doesn’t want to call attention to himself, but the people he helps probably like to tell the stories!

    Keep up the great blogging,
    Mrs. Krebs

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