Homecoming Week!

This week is homecoming week at my school. We starting the week with mass at Gehlen. Then we decorated are hallways with black and gold stuff. Tuesday is monochromatic day we are gray. Wednesday is 50 things day you have to wear 50 things. Thursday is herd day we are dressing up as cats. Friday is Spartan Fanatic day dress up in all the black and gold you have. Friday night there is a football game then a school dance for high school.

7 thoughts on “Homecoming Week!”

  1. Your blog is very interesting. I remember when we did activities like that back at my high school. Each day would have something for students to do. Just watch out about your wording in your blogs but I really enjoyed it. By the way, love the pictures!

  2. Hey Dustin,

    My name is Khushbu Patel, and I live in Mobile, Alabama. I attend the University of South Alabama. When I was in school, we did very similar things. In high school, we had homecoming t-shirts made, which you would wear on the day of homecoming. We also had a dance. However, your school seems very unique in that the students get to wear 50 different things and dress up as cats! I wish I got to do that. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

    Have fun,

  3. Dear Dustin,
    I think that 50 things day is so cool! Trying to find 50 things to wear must be hard! Your blog is very neat! You should check out my class’ blog at bdonofrio.edublogs.org.


    1. Dear Louis,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog. For fifty things day I wore rubber bands. I had a necklace, a belt, a headband, two wrist bracelets, and two ankle bracelets.


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